About Us

Welcome to Twiee Expect Miracles, where the healing power of medical cannabis converges with our unwavering commitment to your well-being. In 2022, we set out on a mission as a pioneering company headquartered in New Delhi, India, to illuminate the path for those seeking holistic alternatives to address chronic pain, anxiety, and various health concerns.

Inspired by the historical roots of hemp in Central Asia, Twiee is deeply connected to the plant's versatility and extensive health benefits. We've established ourselves as a gold standard in quality, exceeding industry benchmarks in cultivation, extraction, and packaging. Our innovative approach to product formulation and development keeps us at the forefront of the dynamic landscape of health and wellness.

With sustainability and minimal energy utilization at the core, our formulations utilize every part of the hemp plant, and they have received approval from the Ministry of Ayush. Over the past two years, Twiee Expect Miracles has dedicated itself to comprehensive research, aiming to understand the intricate foundation of homeostasis. We firmly believe that a life of felt presence, free from discomfort and disease, is within reach through the respectful and adaptive use of plant-based medical cannabis solutions.

Our commitment extends to providing you with top-notch formulations, crafted with botanicals that deliver effective results. Envision a journey marked by Twiee smiles and expected miracles, fostering overall well-being and positive change. Join us on this path to holistic health, where the power of nature converges with the science of well-being.