An ideal choice for individuals dealing with chronic inflammatory, chronic stress, and autoimmune conditions, mushrooms offer a range of benefits. They act as radio protectants, exhibit antiviral properties, and contribute...
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GESTION | Happy Gut - 2000mg

An enriching blend designed to restore and heal the gut, this formulation incorporates a harmonious combination of herbs, botanicals, and superfood extracts in synergy with cannabis. The mucilage-rich blend of...
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CANIHEAL - 3000mg

Elevate your well-being with our exceptional product designed to empower individuals facing illness. Experience the proactive combat against fatigue, tailored emotional support post-cancer diagnosis, and the soothing relief that minimizes...
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MIND | Calm and Relax - 1500mg

Medical Vijaya Plant is a pure, plant-based solution rooted in the historical use by ancient civilizations, forming the cornerstone of primitive Ayurvedic science. This medicinal approach naturally activates the endocannabinoid...
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SOUL | Reconnect and Reflect - 3000mg

Introducing SOUL Reconnect and Reflect, a transformative CBD-infused product designed to support overall well-being. While it may offer assistance in cancer surgery recovery, its broader focus extends to promoting relaxation...
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BODY | Relax and Recover - 1500mg

Medical Cannabis, derived from ancient civilizations, serves as a pure, plant-based solution rooted in the most primitive Ayurvedic science. Activating the endocannabinoid system, it aids natural recovery. Dr. Anushka Kapadia,...
Rs. 6,000.00

Vijaya in Ayurveda

historical context


Vijaya in Ayurveda roots back to ancient times, where it was referred to as "Bhang". Within Ayurveda Vijaya was considered a sacred plant with multifaceted uses. It was utilized in religious rituals, as well as for its medicinal properties for healing various concerns.

medicinal formulation


In Ayurveda, medicinal formulations are the backbone of traditional healing practices. These formulations, known as "Aushadhi," are carefully crafted combinations of herbs, minerals, and sometimes Vijaya. They are designed to address specific health concerns and promote holistic well-being.

soul image


Vijaya, within Ayurvedic principles, exhibits the synergy when combined with other herbs to enhance therapeutic benefits and for maximum effectiveness. The Synergistic effects includes Enhanced Efficacy, Balanced Formulations, Targeted Healing, Adaptogenic.


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