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ACHEOF | No Pain Roll-On (50ml)

Experience the convenience and efficacy of our specially formulated cannabis-infused roll-on, offering a quick and effective solution for pain relief. Meticulously crafted with care and precision, our product taps into...
Rs. 2,799.00

ALINE ALORA | Sleep Tincture - 1500mg

Sleep is a divine process that allows the human body to rest, recover, and rejuvenate, providing a sanctuary from the stress of our modern civilization and culture. While melatonin (Goji...
Rs. 4,999.00

SAGA | Skin Tightening Gel (50ml)

Enhance the elasticity of your skin and unveil a more youthful appearance with our exceptional solution. Crafted to address signs of aging, including pigmentation, puffiness, and wrinkles, this formula is...
Rs. 6,000.00

MIND | Calm and Relax - 1500mg

Medical Vijaya Plant is a pure, plant-based solution rooted in the historical use by ancient civilizations, forming the cornerstone of primitive Ayurvedic science. This medicinal approach naturally activates the endocannabinoid...
Rs. 6,000.00

SOUL | Reconnect and Reflect - 3000mg

Introducing SOUL Reconnect and Reflect, a transformative CBD-infused product designed to support overall well-being. While it may offer assistance in cancer surgery recovery, its broader focus extends to promoting relaxation...
Rs. 8,500.00

Pain Relief

Joint and Muscles Pain


Skin Care

Skin Tightening & Hydration Gel



Sleep Drop


Anxiety & Depression



Cancer Recovery

Cancer Surgery


What is Vijaya?

Vijaya, also known as “cannabis”,” hemp”, or “bhang”, is a powerful and important herb. It comes from the cannabis sativa plant and has been used throughout history for different reasons, including medicine, recreation, and industry.

Ancient Ayurvedic texts have made numerous references to Vijaya, recognizing its potential therapeutic properties. The plant exhibits the capacity to address a spectrum of health concerns, ranging from minor issues such as anxiety and insomnia to more significant conditions like cancer..

In modern times, the utilization of Vijaya has undergone substantial evolution, transcending traditional applications with a foundation in scientific understanding. Various Vijaya extract products, encompassing a spectrum of oil formulations in tinctures and topicals, have emerged to foster relaxation, alleviate anxiety, enhance skin radiance, and address diverse wellness concerns.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD), is a natural compound found in the hemp plant and is known for its potential therapeutic benefits without causing the "high" associated with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Are Twiee Products Legal in India?

Yes, Twiee folow all government guidelines and licenced under India Ministry of Ayush.

Are Your Products Third-Party Tested?

Yes, We prioritize transparency and quality. Our products undergo third-party testing to ensure, absence of contaminants, and compliance with legal standards.

How can I get started with Twiee’s Products?

Twiee's consumable products can only be taken with a medical prescription while all Topicals can be used without any prescription.

Ayurveda teaches harmony for true well-being while accepting nature's healing Plant and Botanicals, let them be your medicine, and Expect Miracles.

ayurveda harmony

Decoding CBD: A Comprehensive Guide to Cannabidiol

Welcome to the world of Cannabidiol (CBD), where we unravel the fundamental aspects that make CBD a fascinating and versatile compound.


Unlocking the Mysteries of the Endocannabinoid System

Step into the intriguing world of our body's inner balance keeper - The Endocannabinoid System (ECS). In this blog, we will uncover the wonders of how the ECS.


Discovering Ancient Healing: The Power of Medical Vijaya Plant

In the realm of holistic wellness, ancient remedies hold a special place, offering insights and solutions that have withstood the test of time. Among these treasures is the Medical Vijaya Plant, a pure and potent botanical solution that traces its roots back to the wisdom of ancient civilizations and the principles of Ayurvedic science.


Vijaya in Ayurveda

historical context


Cannabis in Ayurveda roots back to ancient times, where it was referred to as "Vijaya" or "Bhang". Within ayurveda cannabis was considered a sacred plant with multifaceted uses. It was utilized in religious rituals, as well as for its medicinal properties.

medicinal formulation


In Ayurveda, medicinal formulations are the backbone of traditional healing practices. These formulations, known as "Aushadhi," are carefully crafted combinations of herbs, minerals, and sometimes cannabis. They are designed to address specific health concerns and promote holistic well-being.

soul image


Cannabis, within Ayurvedic principles, exhibits the synergy when combined with other herbs to enhance therapeutic benefits and for maximum effectiveness. The Synergistic effects includes Enhanced Efficacy, Balanced Formulations, Targeted Healing, Adaptogenic.

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